About Helen Gordon

Handpainted stories with a playful modern twist.

 My brand story began in the Oxfordshire countryside with my children, a book of fairy-tales and a paintbrush.... 

 Whilst reading my favourite classic stories to my three children, I became inspired by the nostalgic images and emotions they evoked. As a textile designer I quickly realised that I could recapture this bygone era of innocence through my own bespoke designs.

 I began handpainting a series of designs to bring my best loved stories to life. Frustrated by the lack of beautifully printed children's clothing, I wanted to offer something different that could be kept and handed down.

 I established the Helen Gordon brand in 2011 with a range of fairy-tale babywear, children's clothes and stationery. Featuring classic fairy-tales, British countryside and folkloric patterning, traditional subjects were given a modern, playful twist with rich, bold colour palettes and graphic detail.

 My philosophy has always been to design from the heart, ignoring current trends and painting what inspires me, and introducing abit of fun. My brand started with a story and I have many more to tell. I look forward to sharing them with you.

Helen Gordon