I had to blog about the sad fact that our factory Da Vinci Textiles that has been producing all our cushions, pencil cases, wash bags, aprons and oven gloves has gone out of business.

They were based in the Midlands area and very well established but sadly as so many other UK factories have found they were gradually losing more and more business overseas and had to make a very hard decision to close down the factory.

There were quite a few skilled machinists and I really hope they manage to find work elsewhere, some only ever being employed by that factory. Not enough is being done to save our manufacturing in this country.

I wish their workers well and hope they can continue to find work in which they are highly skilled in.

Please support UK factories. It is so crucial to our future.

I have included some pictures below of a vist to the factory when our woodland animal cushions were being sewn.

Da Vinci factory

Sewing up one of our bird cushions

factory 2


Fox cushions before they were cut

foxes cushions